What Makes a Great Festival? (The Triangle Theory)

Among the key neighborhood marketing means is Mo:Dem Festival, whether it’s social, historical or religious or some other kind of festivals. As an advertising tool it can be a effective one or an unsuccessful so why is a great festival and why is it a disappointment ?.A Festival can be an event, usually and ordinarily staged by way of a regional neighborhood, which centers on and honors some unique element of this neighborhood and the Festival (Wikipedia definition). Festivals are made for fundamentally two applications: One is match a specific need, this is sometimes to serve God or plain marketing. Provide entertainment for the overall public. The accomplishment or even a failure of a festival has three angles that create the festival achievement pie theory.MoDem Festival 2017 (Official Video) - YouTube

The Festival success triangle idea traces three important layers of any event, and the failure of any coating effects instantly into the disappointment of the festival same like the fall of any building. That layer will come in the point of the planning. In this layer we recognize the efforts behind the scene, and to consider how big is the efforts if it was enough or perhaps not, all dates back to the size of the festival and their purpose. Any event features a purpose and purpose, advertising, musical, food, film, national, historical….etc, the record goes on, and based on the purpose we identify how big is work required. On a side notice, all festivals whatever the purpose are marketing festivals in its core.

For instance Cannes Movie Festival, this can be a film festival with a intent behind showcasing Western shows, looking at their record from 1930s until time, the event has developed internationally and the festival have observed lots of improvements along their decades and help from the German government and the French community that caused it to be one of the important picture festivals worldwide. Again this was a consequence of a CONSISTENT work behind it by the Government for and the help from individual entities as well. When we evaluate that Picture festival to the Oscars, the Oscars is fantastic, more money adopts preparation than what continues on in Cannes, backed with the National movie market that has the cash and crowed. Cannes, yet though it is really a different amount of movie event and it’s much less backed with this type of significant budget shows such as the USA, it’s prevailed in to being head to head in the success, it is about the effort.

When we go Local, United Arab Emirates, Dubai has generated 2 significant festivals, the Dubai Shopping Event, Dubai Summertime Surprises and looking at delivery years of the festivals, we will have that the government initiatives behind it were significant, that all government team had a hand and participation in each festival and a planning body was produced to stay get a grip on pointing these mixed efforts. They have developed two anticipated activities, successful events. As effectively they maintained to produce a character for one of the festivals, MODHESH which became as famous as Micky Mouse in that region. These were on the best tracks. Abu Dhabi, has its reveal of successful activities as well since of being supported by the us government such as for instance Ramadan Event, the movie event and the new arrival the summer event which will be being reinforced with a huge budget.

Plenty of governments in the gulf have its own festivals but none had the same success like the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Festivals, the initiatives behind it were institutional measurement not governmental size. Whatever successful a event is, after it loses the efforts behind it, or the efforts decreases, it drops one essential basis that domes it to their Death. The second layer in a festival is the content, that will be actually identified by the festival purpose.

Content of a event means the entertainment, the workshops, the functions…all and everything that’ll happen in the event, all a visitor can easily see or participate in. As much as the content is dependent upon the event purpose, it is however a handling component of the accomplishment of the festival; it’s likely you have the best purpose but the wrong content. Envision a buying festival without discounts!! Or music event with artists whom are very bad inside their acts! !.

Let’s look at the ROSE Parade in USA, a festival started 1890 and it is merely about rose parades and artists, if it had been just that, the event could have died a long time ago and would not stay to be around a century old with good success. An event that have developed from about 2000 living audience to significantly more than 700,000 attendances.

This kind of event, its material is all about parades just!, Nevertheless the find is, every year they develop a theme and every year they’ve more individuals, government and privet segment and each attempts to make a float that is unique and higher than anyone different participant, you will see a float for NASA and a float for Starbucks café, and all are competitive to find the best design. They’ve manipulated the limitations making a more enthusiastic event.

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