Why Should You Include Packaging Information in Reviews?

Many people seek product reviews to help them decide whether or not to buy a product, especially one they were hesitant to try. Giving a thorough review can be the determining factor whether someone who reads that review will or will not buy that product.

When I first started doing product reviews, I never included information regarding the packaging of the product. I read some other people’s reviews and saw they included the appearance of the packaging and specific wording found on the packaging as well, so I began adding this information as well. At first I only added it to give more body to my review, but after a bit of time I realized there were more important reasons to add this information.

Attention to Detail

Of course, not only is it important to include the name of the brand and the name of the product, but one should also describe the appearance of the product itself as well as the packaging of that product. If you are including specific packaging information in your product reviews, it shows that you are paying attention to detail. When reviewing a product, people expect you to be thorough and pay attention to specifics. This can include providing information about the whole product, including the packaging.

Some people will or will not buy a product based on the packaging. Those who care about the environment often try to buy products with less packaging, for example, while others believe that extra packaging can mean paying extra money for a product. On the other hand, less packaging or certain types of packaging will be better for the environment and for our wallets as well.

Similarity of Products

If you are reviewing a product, it should be clear which particular product you are reviewing. Many brands have similar names for their product. Also keep in mind that even within the same brand, they may offer very similar products. For example, perhaps you are reviewing a low sodium can of soup, and the label is very similar but there are a few differences to note. Or perhaps you are reviewing a volumizing shampoo, not the moisturizing one.

On the same note, a store brand will often try to mimic the packaging of a name brand to show that they are similar and can compete with that brand. Often times the colors of the product are very similar and there may only be small differences in the appearance of the product, such as font face or color. For example, perhaps the store brand using italics while the name brand uses a bolder non-italicized font.

Including colors of the packaging, where the brand name is located, the font, the material of the packaging (plastic, cardboard, or another type of material), whether it is a pump, if applicable, and other details can really differentiate one product from another.

Size of Product, and Price

Part of describing the packaging is to include the size of the product. This is often another ultimate factor whether certain consumers purchase a product or not. If you are reviewing a 2 ounce frizzy hair smoother, for example, that costs $4.99, this may turn some people off, but if you also state that you were able to use this product daily for two months because not much of the product is needed for each use, this may have a big impact whether a person decides they’d like to try this item.

Similarly, if a person is considering buying a for product, for example, that only serves 2 and they have a family of 5, they may consider looking for a larger size or opt not to buy that product. Was this product part of a set, or was it sold by itself. Did this product come in a package of two, a package of six, or sold as a single unit. For example, many times bar soaps are sold in different quantities. aai worldwide logistics

In Summary

While the appearance alone of a product should not be the critical factor whether or not to make a purchase, there are many reasons to include information about product’s packages. For some, packaging may or may not be a reason to buy certain products due to their beliefs. For others, it may help easily distinguish the particular product you are reviewing from other similar products and other brands. Many people these days try to buy more ecologically friendly products, and this includes the packaging. Conveying the packaging information, especially the size, can help someone determine the value of the item reviewed, especially when prices are given. People want to get good value for their money.

As I stated earlier, it does add some bulk to your review, but that is a far less important reason to include the information when you consider how helpful this extra information is overall. Consider this: if you were reading a review of a product, would knowing the description of the package help you if you forget the name of the product when you go shopping and want to purchase that item?


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