All About the Dagger

Dagger is a modern design of folding knife, which is used by professionals for its edge, function and of course its appearance. Dagger knives were first used in the early part of the last century, and it had already become famous with members of the professional military, police and security services. The first dagger became popular in Britain after World War II, and nowadays dagger knives are widely used by hunters, hikers, fishermen and wood workers as well as by members of the civil service.

Daggers can be simple or decorative in appearance, but they are actually just very easy to use. While simple daggers are often fixed with a utility blade, decorative daggers are usually decorative in themselves kukri gurkha. Most individuals who choose to carry a dagger prefer them for their ease of use and look.

A dagger’s large blade is used for cutting down foliage, fish, berry leaves, and small birds, while its small blade can be used for almost any purpose. Many varieties of daggers have been introduced to fit various purposes and to compliment any designs in the clothing or jewelry of today.

Pommel: A dagger with a solid metal butt on the side, for stability and holding power. Pommel styles are normally flat-topped daggers.

Blade: In general, a dagger is composed of one solid piece of steel, with no pommel, ring, or other ornamentation, with no tines, flutes, or overlapping. The blade can be thick or thin, depending on the intent and preferences of the user.

Guard: The guard is a horizontal bar, that secures the blade while the blade is open. It keeps the blade from moving and is generally held by two hands, which gives the user a higher level of control. The guard can be made of any material that can withstand corrosion.

Ring: Aring may be added to a dagger by overlaying or printing it. A blade without a ring may be called a pommel without guard. Rings are generally removable and can be made of materials like brass, and they help to lock the blade in place.

Uses: The dagger was originally used for self-defense, and has since been used as a tool for hunting, fishing, cutting, and even cutting down branches of trees. This weapon has evolved into many different forms, for a wide variety of purposes.

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